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End user Agreement for Susanna Hynynen Lightroom Presets

Please read the terms and conditions carefully before buying Susanna Hynynen Lightroom Presets.

By accessing or using the Service you agree to all the terms and conditions of the “Presets by Susanna Hynynen” Lightroom Presets and the privacy policy.

This Agreement is a legal agreement between you and Susanna Hynynen which includes Lightroom presets and downloadable materials.

Susanna Hynynen grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to download, install, and use the Susanna Hynynen Lightroom Presets consistent with the express terms and conditions of the EULA. This includes the right to install and use Susanna Hynynen Lightroom Presets and to make one copy of your Susanna Hynynen Lightroom Presets for backup and archival purposes provided that it includes all notices and markings, including copyright, trademark and other proprietary notices as on the original.

1. Ownership Retained By Susanna Hynynen

Susanna Hynynen owns all title and copyrights to the Susanna Hynynen Lightroom Presets and has the full right and authority to grant the license granted herein. Your license does not give you any title or ownership in the Susanna Hynynen Lightroom Presets, nor is it a sale of any rights to the Susanna Hynynen Lightroom Presets. The only right granted to you is the right to use the Susanna Hynynen Lightroom Presets in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. All rights not specifically granted to you under this Agreement are reserved by Susanna Hynynen.

2. Unauthorized Use

You may not copy the Susanna Hynynen Lightroom Presets onto any public network. You may not allow others to modify, disassemble, decompile, reverse engineer, reproduce, make derivative works of or enhance the Susanna Hynynen Lightroom Presets. You may not allow others to rent, lease, sell, sub-license, export or otherwise transfer the Susanna Hynynen Lightroom Presets to any other person.

Susanna Hynynen Lightroom Presets are provided “AS IS,” without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including, without limitations, the implied warranties of merchant ability for a particular purpose, non infringement, course of dealing and usage of trade. You hereby assume the entire risk as to the quality and performance of the Susanna Hynynen Lightroom Presets.

3. Governing Law

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Finland and foreign countries.

4. Term

This Agreement is effective until terminated. You may terminate this License Agreement by ceasing to use Susanna Hynynen Lightroom Presets. Susanna Hynynen may terminate this License Agreement if you breach any of the terms and conditions. Upon termination of this License Agreement for any reason, you shall cease using Susanna Hynynen Lightroom Presets. All provisions of this Agreement relating to disclaimers of warranties, limitation of liability, remedies, or damages, and Susanna Hynynen’s proprietary rights shall survive termination.

5. Terms of Download

By accessing the link and downloading any Susanna Hynynen Lightroom Presets you represent, acknowledge and agree that you are at least 18 years of age. If you are under 18 years of age you have to be at least 13 years old. In this case you are only allowed to buy and download with the consent of your parent or legal guardian. By buying and downloading any Susanna Hynynen Lightroom Presets you represent, acknowledge and agree that you have received your parent or legal guardian’s permission to enter into this agreement. If you are a parent or legal guardian who buying for a child, you hereby agree to bind your child to this agreement and to fully indemnify and hold harmless Susanna Hynynen if your child breaches or disaffirms any term or condition of this agreement.

6. Copyright

Susanna Hynynen | All rights reserved. No one, for any reason, is permitted to copy the photographs, logos, text and user content belonging to other users appearing on the pages of this website without written permission from Susanna Hynynen The permission has to be obtained in advance.

7. Security

Susanna Hynynen takes the protection of your personal information very seriously. Susanna Hynynen is not liable to any losses caused by the unauthorized usage of your data. We might use your information to stay in contact with you and send you periodically emails.

8. Refund / Account

There are no refunds for your purchase.

9. Software requirements

You need Adobe Lightroom® 4 or 5+ and newer if you use Susanna Hynynen Lightroom Presets. Only use original and licensed versions of Adobe to achieve a correct and smooth run of all Susanna Hynynen Lightroom Presets. With this agreement you have been notified and agreed on these circumstances. You’re responsible to comply to this requirements.

10. No Warranty

Susanna Hynynen does not represent or warrant that the site, content, products will meet your requirements, or that the operation of the site or content will be timely, uninterrupted, stable, or secure. We do not guarantee a specific outcome of your pictures.